When Arriving by Cruise ship.

   Where do I meet my tour guide?

Bonaire has only 2 ports where cruise ships dock while visiting Bonaire. The 2 names of the piers are the North Pier and the South Pier.

Each pier has a security gate that you have to pass through to get in and out. As soon as you pass the security gate, walk and look straight ahead and you will see us standing where there is a sign saying INTERNET BOOKING.

Please look for the INTERNET BOOKING sign and we will be standing there waiting for you. We will be holding a sign with your last name or first name on it.

  What time do I meet with my Tours guide?

Please meet with your tour guide 15 minutes before the start of your tour.

For example: if your tour/excursion is scheduled to start at 09:00 please be there at 08:45.

  Do I need to bring my passport or any ID to the tour?

No, it is not necessary to take along your passport or driver's license. We have your booking notes. Please arrive with a printed copy of your e-ticket or a digital (on your mobile) copy if applicable.

  How do we book a tour if our group is more than 7 people?

If your group has more than 7 people you can book as normal because the maximum number is 14 guests on the website.

Please NOTE: sometimes we will use 2 cars for a group of more than 7 people.

  Can we book a private tour?

Yes, you can book a private tour. A minimum of 2 guests must apply when booking a private tour.

Please NOTE: By the end of the booking please make a comment that you want this tour to be private, or just send us an email at info@shekhinahtours.com to let us know that you want your tour to be private just for you and your partner or your family.

  Can we get a discount when we have a big group?

Yes, you will get a discount when you book a tour of more than 12 guests. Please email us at info@shekhinahtours.com to request your discount before you book your tour. We will provide you with a discount code.

  Can I still book a tour if I am in a wheelchair?

Yes, you can still book a tour. When you book a tour with us and we can fit the wheelchair in the van we will take it with us. If the wheelchair does not fit in the car, then we'll leave the wheelchair with the security at the gate. Bonaire is very safe and your wheelchair will be safe at the security gate.

Please NOTE: We can't load the wheelchair in the car, you must be able to stand up from the wheelchair and step into the car.

If you are not able to stand up and step in the car please do let us know in time when booking or contact us at info@shekhinahtours.com

  Can I be dropped off at the beach after the tour?

Yes, If you wish to be dropped off at the beach after the tour, please let your guide know.

  For how long can I stay on the beach after the tour?

You can stay as long as you want but please plan with your guide when to pick you back up.

Please NOTE: We will have everyone back at the ship 1.5 hours before the ship’s departure time. For example: if the departure time of your ship is at 16:00, we will have everyone back at the ship at 14:30.

  When we stay at the beach after our tour, where do we get picked up to go back to the ship?

If you stay at the beach after your tour, you will be picked up at the same location where you got dropped off. Please remember to keep an eye on the time since we have other guests we have to take care of as well.

  Is this a private tour?

Not all the tours are private tours, when you book a tour and you don't make any comment that you want your tour to be private we will add other guests with you in the van. If you want your tour to be private please let us know or add a comment on the booking.

  Are the vehicles with AC and seatbelts?

Yes, all our vehicles are with AC and seatbelts. If you have a baby seat, please bring it with you and let us know by the time of booking or let us know at info@shekhinahtours.com

  What will happen if we miss our ship?

We don’t want anyone to miss their ship and that is why we guarantee you back to the ship 1.5 hours before the departure of the ship. If for some reason you still miss your ship (this has never happened before) because of our company, we will take the responsibility to fly you to the next destination of your ship itinerary.

Please NOTE: We will not take responsibility if we dropped you at the ship 1.5 hours before the departure time of the ship, and you go walk around, and do some shopping and you still miss your ship.

  Can we do some shopping in town before returning to the ship?

Yes, the town where all the shops are, is just right in front of the ship port.

Please NOTE: Take into consideration the 1.5 hours policy we have that everyone has to be back at the ship port.

  What languages does our tour guide speak?

Our guides are multilingual and they can speak English, Spanish, Dutch and some speak German and other languages as requested and if applicable.

  What information will we get during our tour?

During the tour, your guide will be introducing himself to you and on the road, he will be sharing about the History, Culture, People and Food of Bonaire. As well you will be seeing the highlights of Bonaire with stops where you will be able to get out of the van, walk around and take pictures. For guests who are in a wheelchair and can't get out of the car, that is no problem because all the highlights are just close by and can be viewed from the car.

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